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“I did not dream of success — I prayed and worked hard for it.”

Dr. Victor Okeh, MD, MBA

Founding Member

“We must do better and we must make a change not just for those we love and care for who are often not opportune to travel, but also for humanity.”

“In a world filled with challenges and uncertainties, it is natural to question the purpose and meaning of our existence. Many strive to find a sense of fulfillment and significance in their lives, seeking to make a positive impact on the world around them.”

“About 18 months after my father’s death, I began my internal medicine residency. After my first week of internship, I decided I was going to be a pulmonologist (I am), fascinated by the bronchoscopy procedure’s I had watched during the week. By the end of the third month, I decided I was going to be a critical care specialist (I am), having watched how timely interventions were saving lives, lives like my late father’s.”