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The Geographic Medicine & Infectious Disease Center (GMIDC)

Comprehensive quality healthcare for vulnerable communities.

In alignment with CMG’s vision of global quality health care for all, we customize services that accommodate individual and organizational needs and requirements for preventive care, comprehensive primary care, emergency, and critical medical services, and specialty medical care.

The Geographic Medicine &
Infectious Disease Center (GMIDC)

As part of the CMG Global Foundation hospital in Lagos, Nigeria, The GMIDC will engage in providing clinical services, research, and teaching/educational activities in the areas of tropical diseases and emerging infections, vaccine-preventable diseases, as well as travel health.

The GMIDC will also offer comprehensive quality health care, health professional continuing education training, and associated services to the international community through a network of top-rated practitioners and administrators in the United States and around the world.

The Geographic Medicine & Infectious Disease Center (GMIDC) will also serve patients with pre-travel needs and post-travel screening to ensure that all aspects of tropical medicine and communicable disease are answered and addressed.

This will ensure that qualified doctors, nurses, and medical residents can travel from Nigeria to the United States to participate in trainings and to attain educational certifications hence, expanding the scope of healthcare human capital and medical infrastructure.

Your donations help us provide a
healthier future for all.

Thank you for considering a donation to CMG Global Foundation, LLC. We cannot achieve our mission to develop human resource capacity and build infrastructure in vulnerable communities, without your valuable support. Your donation will help us provide accessible, critical healthcare, for these vulnerable communities, where lack of access to healthcare is the most pronounced.