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Dr. Ngozika Orjioke, MD, MBA, FCCP

Dr. Ngozika Orjioke MD, MBA, FCCP as a young student graduated from Trinity School, a co-ed boarding school in South Devon, England before returning to Nigeria to earn her medical degree. Her early practice was based first in Nigeria and then in Shepparton, Australia. A consummate and lifelong learner she then travelled to the United States where she completed her Residency in Internal Medicine at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Chicago, Illinois before moving on to a Fellowship at the world-renowned University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

Her brief stint of clinical practice in Nigeria, her work and travels in Australia, her residency in Chicago and her fellowship training and experiences at the University of Southern California have made her a highly sought-after clinician and administrator.

Dr. Orjioke’s determination to have a lasting impact on healthcare delivery then led her to pursue an MBA at the famed Georgia Institute of Technology with an emphasis on Management Technology. She is a talented administrator with experience in healthcare start-ups and in turning around distressed hospitals to profitability.

In addition to running her own company in Atlanta, Georgia, Covenant Pulmonary and Critical Care Inc., where she provides outpatient and inpatient services to local and international patients, she has also served as Pulmonary Director with Americas Critical Illness Recovery Hospital System. She has gained recognition for her focused approach to the development and implementation of Hospital Policies and Procedures, in Quality Assurance as well as hospital Risk Management programs, which has led to her service in the physician leadership roles of many hospitals.
Dr. Orjioke has served on the education advisory board of many associations including the Association of American Physicians in the Americas (ANPA) and as part-time faculty with the GME Residency Program at the Atlanta branch of one of the USA’s leading healthcare systems, assisting in the education of residents in the areas of Internal and Family Medicine as well as assisting to set up their Intensive Care Programs. She has also contributed to the development of curricula and provided training for nurse practitioners and respiratory therapists alike.


Dr. Ngozika Orjioke is a Board-Certified Internal, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Physician with a vast array of experience in clinical and administrative medicine as well as healthcare policy. From an early age Dr. Orjioke travelled the world extensively, initially with her family and then individually, gaining the necessary exposure to different peoples and cultures developing her character and compassion that coalesced into one of her strengths; the ability to deliver culturally sensitive care to her diverse patient base. Dr. Orjioke is also a member of the American College of Chest Physicians as well as the American Thoracic Society. 

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