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Critical Care Facility

Bringing modern medical care to the region.

There is no true critical care facility in West Africa. Nigeria does not train dedicated critical care physicians at this time and that role is currently filled by anesthesiologists. There is local medical expertise, but it must be transported from where we are to where it is needed most. Currently, there are 350 ICU beds in Nigeria serving more than 200 million people. At CMG Global Foundation, we envision bringing modern medical care to the region: A world-class hospital with the highest levels of critical care, management, and patient safety.

A facility dedicated to ensuring that poor healthcare delivery and preventable critical illness related death will be part of the past. To help us achieve this vision, the first large-scale project is focused on building a state-of-the-art hospital which will serve as a regional center of excellence and a flagship hospital in this healthcare revolution.

We intend to create a healthcare ecosystem that enables others to replicate our work in other communities with similar needs. More than providing direct clinical care, the CMG Global Foundation hospital in Lagos, Nigeria will also provide training, teaching, and educational activities as well as engage in cutting-edge research and develop innovative strategies to address local challenges. This state-of-the-art hospital will address the medical needs of the community and region and attract visitors thereby beginning to stem the tide of outbound medical tourism.

To this end, CMG Global Foundation is partnering with leading architects, engineers, medical professionals, and consultants to bring this project to fruition. We have identified accomplished medical providers who are committed to bringing this standard of excellence to healthcare delivery systems in the region through compassion, care, and empathy.