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Kisa Wilson – Project Manager

Kisa Wilson throughout her career, Kisa has demonstrated her organizational prowess and attention to detail. From managing accredited and non-accredited Medical Education Programs at UNC Health Care to providing vital clinical and administrative support as a Certified Nursing Assistant II in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU) to Emergency Medicine at Duke Regional Hospital, she consistently ensures the smooth operation of healthcare initiatives.

Certified in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), as well as Yellow Belt (Lean/Six Sigma), Kisa is committed to fostering inclusive and efficient healthcare environments. With her passion for improving patient care and her multifaceted skill set, she continues to make a positive impact in the field of healthcare administration.

Kisa continues her personal and professional growth within the nonprofit world.


Kisa Wilson is a dynamic Health Care Administrator known for her dedication and results-oriented approach. With a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Healthcare Administration from the University of Arizona, she brings a strong background in program management, strategic planning, and resource development.

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